Matchdays - Diagram
Flemish Lions - Belgium Finland The Reds - Poland Switzerland The Rugby Rats Next Generation The Rebels
Flemish Lions - Belgium Neuss Frankfurt Neuss Neuss Neuss Karlsruhe
Finland Frankfurt Neuss Neuss Neuss Frankfurt Frankfurt
The Reds - Poland Dortmund Nürnberg Neuss Neuss Neuss Frankfurt
Switzerland Karlsruhe Nürnberg Nürnberg Karlsruhe Neuss Nürnberg
The Rugby Rats Dortmund Frankfurt Dortmund Karlsruhe Neuss Karlsruhe
Next Generation Frankfurt Nürnberg Nürnberg Nürnberg Frankfurt Frankfurt
The Rebels Dortmund Nürnberg Dortmund Karlsruhe Dortmund Nürnberg
free from play
Ort Mannschaft(en)
Neuss The Rebels
Frankfurt Switzerland
Nürnberg Flemish Lions - Belgium
Karlsruhe Finland; Next Generation; The Reds - Poland
Dortmund Finland; Next Generation; Switzerland
Date Location
02/02/2008 to 02/03/2008 Neuss
03/01/2008 to 03/02/2008 Frankfurt
04/05/2008 to 04/06/2008 Nürnberg
05/17/2008 to 05/18/2008 Karlsruhe
07/05/2008 to 07/06/2008 Dortmund