AstraTech Cup 2006


From 07/14/2006 - 07/16/2006 at the Oberwerth gym in Koblenz, was the first international Astra Tech Cup in Germany. For this European preparation for the World Cup tournament in September of this year in New Zealand, the agency SahmSport had the strongest nations of the European wheelchair rugby loaded. Top occupied with the national teams from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland, were all prerequisites for an exciting tournament optimally. Not common, but for a preparatory tournament perfectly planned, the group stage was in play mode round robin, i.e. each against all everyone with subsequent play-offs.

Thus, the preliminary round drew from many exciting and some very tight games.


Preliminary results table:

  1. Germany
  2. Sweden
  3. Belgium
  4. Switzerland
  5. Poland
  6. Denmark

Well-rested and after the gala buffet at the Hotel Mercure strengthened on Saturday evening, the teams were on Sunday in the group stage. In the game for position 5 and 6 then played the teams from Poland and Denmark.

astratechcup2006_02.jpg astratechcup2006_03.jpg

In the group stage, Denmark against the Polish team still good resistance and lost almost conceivable with 24:25 points, now it was different. The Danes were arrived with some young talent and with 5 games already had to deal with 36:20 clearly beaten.

astratechcup2006_04.jpg For Belgium and Switzerland, we went in the small final to place 3 and 4. The Swiss, who are already weakened arrived, without their leading player Toni Schillig, would not spared from further bad luck. Their playmaker Luzius Diener, could not intervene in this decisive game, becouse he was injured and had the game from the bench as spectators watch. Nevertheless, both teams gave nothing and after hard struggle underwent the Swiss team with 37:32.

astratechcup2006_05.jpg In the finals, Sweden against the German selection, was more than just win the tournament at stake. 3 weeks ago, in Vancouver Canada, Sweden had with only one point the German team beaten. Now it was necessary for the upcoming World Cup, to make a clear signale. Tactically well set by chief coach Pierre Sahm, was already clear to the halftime, which is finally confirmed - Germany has its favorites role in the game deserved with 42 to 33 for themselves.



In the subsequent award of best player of the tournament in each game classes, could be from a German perspective pleased with Peter Schreiner 0,5 points, Andre Leonhard 2,0 points, Jörg Holzem 2,5 points and Oliver Picht 3,0 points four players of the German team claim. By Bo Petersen 1,0 points (Denmark), Ronny Verhaegen 1,5 points (Belgium), Cornel Sonderer 3,5 points (Switzerland) and the tournament MVP Pelle Kulle 2,0 points from Sweden completed the All-Star team.


Special thanks to the referees and assistants for a smooth running of the tournament ensured. Thanks also to the Hotel Mercure for the exquisite accommodation and along with the Oberwerth gym for the excellent catering. The agency SahmSport would like to thank particularly the main sponsors Astra Tech and Meyra for the support and we are looking forward, to welcome all the teams from this tournament to Astra Tech Cup 2007 in Koblenz next year.