Wheelchair Rugby

rollstuhlrugby_01.jpg Wheelchair rugby is originally from Canada and is still a young team sport for people with disabilities on at least 3 extremities. Mainly play tetraplegic (i.e. Cross-paralysis from the cervical vertebra), where about 80% of paralyzed muscles. Because of its toughness, was the name of sport "Murderball" in the early years. The name wheelchair rugby came later.

rollstuhlrugby_02.jpg Target of the game is, carrying the volleyball across the goal line, marked with two pylons, and With the ball in possession of the player. The ball must not be rolled over the goal line or thrown. Normally, the ball is on the lap of the player. The opposing team attempts, to avoid this with massive wheelchair contacts. Although direct physical contact between players is not permitted. Permitted is only the wheelchair contact (Except: Touching the wheelchair behind the rear axle = spinning, what the wheelchair makes unmanageable).

rollstuhlrugby_03.jpg rollstuhlrugby_04.jpg Matches will be played on a standard basketball field. The actual playing time is four eight-minute quarters. Each team has 4 players on the field, and each of them must bounce or pass the ball within ten seconds. If a team starts an attack, the opposing half must be achieved within 15 seconds. A return of the ball in their own half is not permitted.